The Region

B&B “Bij ‘t Bosch” is located in the Brabant Kempen, amidst the parishes Bladel, Netersel, Hapert and Casteren.

All the villages are about 2 kilometers away from the B & B.
Bladel is a town of about 10,000 inhabitants and has everything to offer.
The new center has provided a large market of several cafes and restaurants. It also has a nice shopping area and the village has several supermarkets.

In the Brabant Kempen are many bikepaths that connect the various villages. In addition, there are some areas rich in hiking routes.
In the woods around Bladel are several dining and drinking venues that make a bike- or walking trip more attractive.

Bladel is also central to the larger cities. Eindhoven, Tilburg and the Belgian Turnhout all within 15 minutes, and easily accessible by motorways and regional roads.

There are a number of amusement parks nearby, look in " activities" .